Community Service Awards

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Our awards recognize students who go “above and beyond” in giving time and talent through community service.  The Community Service Merit Award was the idea of Louise Rutland in 2003, a time when several negative issues involving teenagers at The Landings were highly publicized. Louise, the mother of two girls, wanted those children who live at The Landings who were good role models to be recognized and honored. To that end she proposed that Landlovers award high school seniors for their community service participation. First named the “Community Service Scholarship”, the name was changed in 2005 to “The Community Service Merit Award”, and in 2023 high school juniors are also eligible. The awards recognize students who go “above and beyond” in giving time and talent through community service. Commitment, creativity, leadership, and total time dedicated determine the winners.

Applicants should have volunteered more than 100 hours (not counting community service required by the applicant’s school).  The impact of the applicant’s service on a specific volunteer program or the aggregate number of hours committed to volunteer efforts across a number of programs are the primary factors considered in making Merit Awards.  Applicants who have initiated their Community Service independently, rather than simply participating in a structured program will be most competitive.

The Community Service Merit Award is a cash award to the winning applicants.  Awards range in amount from $500 to $3,000, depending on the amount of time committed and the impact of the applicant’s contributions to the particular project(s)/program.

To qualify, students must be Landings residents, be in their junior or senior year of high school, or home schooled equivalent age. Applicants are not eligible for an award for the same (or basically similar) community service more than once.

Please click below for the application which must be submitted by February 12, 2024.

The 2024 recipients of the Landlovers Community Service Merit Award are:

Ella Haas:  As a sophomore Ella conceived an idea Senior Sentiments by Ella. Combining her love of art with a community service, Ella began creating and delivering homemade, personalized birthday and greeting cards for the residents of Thrive Senior Living memory unit.

As a junior, Ella, joined five students from her school who volunteered in the Ethical Leadership Project; traveling to New Orleans and working with Common Ground relief to prevent future erosion and flooding in the lower ninth ward of New Orleans.

Twice a month Ella and classmates hold “Tech Time” sessions for residents of The Marshes providing technical assistance for cell phone and other electronic devices.  Ella and members of SCDS orchestra traveled to Dad City, Florida, to contribute food and other necessities to farm families, and conduct a concert for local residents.

Ella is a Member of the National Honor Society. She is a SCDS Cheerleader named to the National All American Cheer Team. She was honored as a Scholar/Athlete/Honor Student. She is on the Math team, Tree club, and contributes to the SCDS Art Magazine. Ella has played violin in the school orchestra since the 6th grade.

The SCDS Coordinator stated “Ella is a service driven student who not only is willing to put in the work, but is constantly searching for and how to solve root cause problems.”

Emma Doyle:  As a senior at St Vincent’s, Emma spends at least two hours every Sunday afternoon volunteering with the Compassion Christian Church Youth Group as a mentor, friend, and encourager for the middle school girls. She has assisted with youth activities in the summer church programs.

Compassion church coordinator says “Emma never backs down from any challenge or task. She always has a positive attitude, and she is always willing to work hard and do whatever it takes to complete the task.”

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