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Our purpose is to promote fellowship through social and cultural activities while working towards the continued improvement of community life at The Landings and Skidaway Island.  The Landings Landlovers was established in 1974.  Its purpose is to promote fellowship through social and cultural activities while working towards the continued improvement of community life at The Landings and Skidaway Island.  Our goal is to provide philanthropic support through Landlovers Foundation for non-profit groups and service organizations that provide cultural, educational and other services, projects and/or programs for us to enjoy, tend to our health and safety, and beautify and improve our environment. The intent is to fund programs/projects and services that would not be possible without our grant funding.

Grant requests are prioritized based on two primary factors.  The first factor is the impact the proposed program/project or service would have on the residents of Skidaway Island.  The second factor is the importance the Landlovers grant would be to implementing the proposed program/project or service.

All grant applicants must be a non-profit or service organization with a commitment to volunteerism.  Applications will not be accepted for individual requests, travel expenses, salaries, stipends, general operating costs or political or religious activities.  The deadline for applications is March 20, 2024.   Any organization which has not completed its grant evaluation for any previous year’s funding will not be considered for a grant.  For further information, please contact Tim Forbes (

Landlovers Grants are distributed in May.

Categories for Landlovers Grants are:
1. Cultural and educational services or programs for adults and children
2. Nature and environmental projects or programs
3. Health and safety projects or programs

Criteria for receiving Landlovers Grants are:
1. Organizations must be a non-profit whose proposed program/project or service benefits or supports Skidaway Island or its residents.
2. Applications will not be accepted for individual requests, travel expenses, salaries, stipends, general operating costs or political or religious activities.
3. If funding has been granted in a previous year, a description of any previous year’s grant and the status of the supported program must be submitted prior to any new application being considered.
4. All grants are subject to the approval of the Board of Directors of Landlovers Foundation and compliance with the provisions of the organization’s charter and bylaws.

2024 Grant Recipients

Boy Scouts of America, Troup 57: BSA is requesting grants to replace the scouts aging camping equipment. Including 5 tents and cooking equipment.


Caretta Sea Turtle Research Project Wausau:  The Caretta project has recently hired a full time educator for the project. The project is requesting Landlovers funding to broaden outreach for public workshops, presentations and hands on activities. Workshops and activities are open to Landings residents.



Chatham Emergency Services: The Skidaway division of CES is a group of 7-10 resident volunteer firefighters. Landlovers has a history of supporting these volunteers providing them necessary equipment helping them fight fires safer, more comfortably and efficiently. LL enables each volunteer to arrive equipped and ready to fight alongside of the full time crews. This year’s request is for a back-up power unit, replacement gear and equipment for two new recruit volunteers.


Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) of Skidaway Island:  CCA monitors the fresh water lagoons at The Landings and provides feeding stock to maintain excellent bass fishing conditions. CCA holds an annual Kids Fishing Derby for resident’s kids and hosts Castaway events throughout the year when they invite ‘kids of need” from Bethesda, SAFEShelter etc. Landlovers funding helps purchase the lagoon feedstocks and financially supports the kids programs.



Coastal Heritage Society – Pinpoint:  Pinpoint recognizes the need to increase its security systems essential to the long term operations and protection of the one-of-a-kind artifacts and images in the museum house. They have requested funding of a 16 camera DVR 24 hour surveillance security system and a waterproof outdoor speaker for an interactive station.


SAFE Shelter Center for Domestic Violence Services, Inc:  Landlovers is very proud to be the sponsor of SAFE Shelter’s summer camp program “Camp ROCK”. The camp runs for 8 weeks and typically has 15-18 campers from age 5 to 17.


St. Joseph’s/Candler Foundation: SJC’s Nurse Navigator program has 13 navigators supporting cancer survivorship programs. Patients just learning they may be faced with cancer have so much to deal with. The Nurse Navigators provide support across a broad spectrum of cancer patients’ needs. In 2023 the NN program supported over 4,000 patients facing cancer in Southeast Georgia and South Carolina.

Savannah Book Festival:  Landlovers funding supports the book festival purchases of authors’ books. The Festival distributes them to local schools in advance. The project engages students and their teachers in the fun of reading. On Friday of festival week the authors visit the schools and have interactive discussions with the students. In 2024, 25 authors visited locations throughout the greater Savannah community.


Skidaway Audubon:  Audubon has built and installed over 240 bird houses across the island. The successful program estimates over 1500 baby fledglings hatched successfully last year. The earlier installed houses are wearing out and need replacement. Audubon has asked for funds so they may build 30 new houses.


The Skidaway Community Preschool, a mission of Skidaway Community Church, is the only preschool on the Island. Thanks to a large donation last year the pre-school performed a major renovation of the children’s playground. Further modifications are needed and the school is requesting LL fund the purchase and installation of a Shade Sail for over the baby’s play area section.


Skidaway Farms:  Skidaway Farms supports and maintains 6 Children’s garden plots on the Farms and Pollinator beds. Each year new plants, seeds and soil supplements are needed. Resident kids work the plots, care for the plants and enjoy the harvest.


Friends of Skidaway Island State Park have asked Landlovers to purchase and support five years of monitoring for two Chronolog stations. The online Chronolog cell phone stations encourage park visitors to capture a point in time viewing a feature of nature. The program then compiles several moments over a five year period to capture and identify issues and trends.


The Landings Association Security:  Landings residents are concerned about speed issues on our roads and pathways. The TLA has listened and wants to add additional speed monitoring for the pathways. The TLA has requested funding for two additional speed monitoring and warning stations/sleds primarily focusing on pathway concerns of carts, bikes, and pedestrians.


The Landings Club Scholarship Foundation has requested LL to financially contribute to and support their employee scholarship fund.


The Village Library:  The library needs to update and upgrade its main desk computer systems. They are requesting LL to fund the replacement of the two Main Desk computers. The existing computers will be reassigned to lower requirement functions. Additional funding will also allow the addition of a rain sensor into the Library irrigation system reducing unnecessary sprinkling.

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